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When Things Seem to be so Right

We all have grown up the with the quote “Everything happens for a reason”. When I was younger, I actually referred to a lot of my problems to that quote. Now when something happens and someone tells me that I just want to scream. What happened tonight had to have been my worst nightmare. I can’t even describe into words what I am currently feelings because the description word “hurt” doesn’t quite fulfill it. It was over something I had absolutely no control over. The one thing I wish I did have control over I don’t and never will no matter what because that is just how it goes. I hate how society has created this image on what the world “should” be. What does society know? Who created these rules and decided what is acceptable and what is not? Who gave them that control? What people do is absolutely none of anyone else’s business except them..why should society play such a big role in our daily lives? I have always admired the people our there that can completely be themselves because that takes so much courage to do that in the world we live in; to be the person you truly are and not what everyone says you should be. Only you know who you truly are. Nobody else should not have that kind of control to make that decision. I don’t think I can even sleep tonight.